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"The foundation for the development of the personality is created during the first years of life. This is the perfect time to offer the children a “Prepared Discovering Environment” where they can reach their maximum potential."

"Discovering Minds" Montessori preschool is based its entire philosophy in the freedom, respect and faith of the child.

When it comes to picking out schools for your child, you could find yourself stuck, confused, maybe even overthinking things. Naturally, parents would want their child to be in a safe and constructive environment. They say school makes up for a second home, afterall. With that said, it is a modern natural instinct for parents to consider all aspects of each school they look into. If there’s one thing all schools have in common, it would have to be their claims of how they’re different from all the rest.

You may hear most schools talk about how advanced and unique their curriculum is. But do their halls of ivy go beyond just learning math, science, and *foreign languages along with all the other subjects students need to take in order to go through high school? This is what makes a *Montessori School truly stand out compared to other schools. A montessori school goes beyond just learning and retaining subject lessons. It is a well-rounded environment that yields crucial character-building in the long run as well. The Montessori Method of education is backed up with over a hundred years of time-tested success.

For the best Montessori Education in Toronto, ON, call and come visit us today! Discovering Minds Montessori. As your premier School, we specilize as your local Montessori School, Foreign Languages, and overall a better Education.


Montessori education was founded in 1907 by Dr. Maria Montessori, the first woman in Italy to become a physician. She based her educational methods on scientific observation of children's learning processes. Guided by her discovery that children teach themselves, Dr. Montessori designed a "prepared environment" in which children could freely choose from a number of developmentally appropriate activities.

Montessori emphasizes learning through all five senses, not just through listening, watching, or reading. Children in Montessori classes learn at their own, individual pace and according to their own choice of activities from hundreds of possibilities. Montessori education is a philosophy through which everything relevant to the life of the child, during their particular stage of development, is provided in an appropriate, stimulating and sensitive environment, so that learning through discovery and self-direction is nurtured. Learning is an exciting process of discovery, leading to concentration, motivation, self-discipline, and a love of learning. Montessori classes place children in three-year age groups (for example: ages 3-6, 6-9, 9-12 etc.), forming communities in which the older children spontaneously share their knowledge with the younger ones.

Research studies show that Montessori children are well prepared for later life academically, socially, and emotionally. In addition to scoring well on standardized tests, Montessori children are ranked above average on such criteria as following directions, turning in work on time, listening attentively, using basic skills, showing responsibility, asking thoughtful questions, showing enthusiasm for learning, and adapting to new situations.

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